Advertise or Donate?

For 90 Days we will be campaigning for our cause if you are a business owner, musician, trying to sell a product or find the perfect mate Advertise for Only .90 cent for 90 percent of the cause and be An Advocate for Battered Women.  This is for four lines only. Some Restrictions may apply.

Who we are ?
We are a multi-media and consulting company.
We specialized in aiding in the community 365 days a year 
with our call-center operation while utilizing performing artist to make impact.
Many of our involvements is based on music, media , production 
and union. We are a for -profit that also has non-profit appeal for charitable causes like Domestic Violence Issues.
Our Sister company is a 501c3 organization Golgathas Ministries for the Homeless and has many entities
and chains that will employ many people to secure their families. 
Here's a way to give back but not directly to us go to

Shop with Amazon to support our women cause http:/
Golgathas Ministries  For The Homeless and Purchase for our cause 

Services Offered:
Intelluctual Properties, Start Up Business, Trademark, Copyrights, Performance Society, Union, Affiliations
and Network with Major Record Executives.. Let us give you direction.
For affordable services call to schedule an appt. 
South Carolina Office 803-569-8078
All fees are non-refundable for service provided.

Golgathas Musical Inc The Promotion Company 'Is a BMI entity
Our plans are  to raise awareness with movies , sitcoms, plays on relationship issues 
Projects : Ain't , Miss B haven , The Body Is the Holy Temple
GolgathasTreats " The Treats To Die For"
The Candy Treats Foods and Services
Is a seasonal operation and special ocassion
You can order our wonderful tasty treats or buy them for a love one. 
Now Available Gift Certificates for the Holiday Season or all occassions.

MMG Publication,LLC " The Face of New Talent"
Our New Artist Publication, that connects with business, artist and community
We have a union and awards ceremony recognizing members all over the world.
(NAMA) " The New Age Experience" Connecting Business, Entertainers and Record Executives
Financing Now Available ask details. Upon Catalog Request Please send $5.00 and we mail to you the package with Application for work consideration of review.
If work does not meet criteria we will send letter stating why we refused work. Please send all material upon request.
to and check us out on

MMG Kids Explore the future faces of tomorrow. .
Here's a way to break your kids in the business promote them today .
We circulate to all the company's interesting in promoting child stars. Send Photo and $25 today.

Maes and Goel Publishing
In need of publishing we can help
we will published over 100 of new artist materials
in the areas of commercials and jingles, plays , sitcoms and books

Maes and Goels Fashion
Designs by Angie
Special Line of clothing for women on the go with a sudden twist of sophistication.
The apparrel consist of shoes, clothing, handbags and perfumes

Conditions of NAMA
It is an Introductory level organization that place new artist in
projects for marketing and advertising of their craft.  We are seeking out talent for
various project and would be auditioning for some paid assignments and promotional assignments.
You must be willing to invest in yourself 
You must have publishing company or allow us to publish usage of work. Thank You for your consideration with us. and

The Can We Project
The Can We Project is a colloboration of all existing entities that is used as a medium for fundraising for this cause of women  
displaced because of abuse. We have Cd compliation, movies, t-shirts , coffee mugs, tote Bags and candy.
For more information about us go to

The Aqua Blue Empowerment Tour
Featuring Howard Hewett
Go to 

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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